Monday, September 25, 2006


Went to a lovely Taize service last night with a couple of good friends. So nice to sit - sometimes singing - sometimes just listening - to the Taize praise. The church had set up their communion table with a golden cloth over it and it was so peaceful just looking at the twinkling candles. I would really love to visit Taize sometime - I was speaking to someone after the service who had been there a couple of times and he mentioned just what an effect it had on him! Who knows...maybe I'll get a chance sometime in the future.

Had a lovely coffee stop afterwards catching up with the friends I'd went those times!

Tell me what you've been doing this weekend!

till next time...

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Tom Atkins said...

A whirlwind of a weekend here. Traveled to Richmond and had a delightful Turkish dinner with my sister and several friends, drove back Saturday playing jazz on the radio, the top down, just relaxing. Took my son swimming that afternoon, then he stayed at my place for the night. Sunday was church, then worked on computer things and packed books all afternoon Sunday. Last night I sat outside on the porch and read as the rain fell softly outside. Several friends wandered by and it we sipped coffee until late into the evening - a great way to end the weekend. Glad you had such a nice weekend!