Thursday, August 17, 2006

Irish Eyes

Following on from my last blog...there's something about eyes that facinate me...they really are windows to the soul. There is something so intimate when someone looks directly at you...something very disturbing as's as if they're reading your thoughts - good or bad. Eyes can say more than words can ever say ... they, with a moment's flicker, can convey disappointment, joy, concern, sorrow, love, acceptance....whatever. I guess that's why it's sometimes difficult to make eye contact and keep it...even for more than a few seconds. In this blog I hope we can look directly at each other and not be afraid....

Wednesday, August 16, 2006



I was have a heart to heart last night with a friend of mine and although we are both quite shy people - something happened ... the guards came down and the Lord blessed us both..
Being honest and open is difficult...very difficult...but when we overcome our fears and let another person close - it's a wonderful feeling. Do you know the feeling you sometimes get when you look someone in the eye and know that they know what you mean...REALLY clicks!

I feel a little more like myself today...a little bit more comforted by the fact that people accept me for who I am...and kinda like me too! mojo

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Feeling blue! you ever feel just not like yourself? That's how I feel today...kind of detached from looking in on someone elses life - can't quite explain what I mean. I need a hug (back to hugs again!). I'll probably be back to myself tomorrow...mmmm...we shall see x anyone there?

Sometimes when I sit here at work (break time!) typing my little blog...I just wonder if there's anyone out there? I love to check in with my favourite bloggers and see what they're up to...I wondere if anyone does this at my little site? If you do...let me know - it'll be fun to know where on earth you are! I wonder if anyone can tell me if there's a way to help others to find you (any time I've tried to search my own's never found!?)...any ideas anyone out there!?