Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hello from my computer course!

Hi...didn't think I'd be able to leave a message I'm out of the office for two days doing a computer course. I'm only here because I work for a charity and we're getting this training for happy days! The tutor has told us we can use the internet over here I am! They do lovely lunch meals here...I've just tucked into 4 cheese pasta and salad bar...mmmm...I never usually take a lunch at the office!

Last night some friends met for a lovely dinner (at the home of my best friends)...I love those evenings ...great chat...and a glass of wine...and hugs to say goodbye...ahhh. One of my friends is holding a showing of her artwork..some poetry and guitar playing this weekend - so looking forward to it! Only about 40 guests something to look forward to.

Hopefully get the rest of the training completed this afternoon and back for the second day tomorrow! Bye for now....

Monday, October 02, 2006

I love that weird!?

I love weather!
I love hot days
I love days that are dark and dreary
I love torrential rain
I love spring showers
I love bright summer nights
I love clouds that are fluffy
I love a frosty starlit night
I love leaves blowing along the road
I love the odd rumble of thunder (but not too much!)
I love weather!

Bad grammar!

Just noticed that I typed ...
one of my friend's blog...
is that correct?..or should it be ...the blog of a friend...oh - who knows?

Grammar is not my thing on a Monday!!!


I’ve been reading a book recently about the whole idea of inclusion and exclusion…looking at the scripture passage about the man born blind. Someone then asked the question…’who do we include or exclude in our day to day – face to face dealings with others?’

I hate the idea that I exclude anyone…but I do…a lot of the time. If they’re not playing ball with an idea I have…or if they think differently about certain subjects…do I exclude without a second thought? Yep, I do…without a second thought. But how do I feel when I’m on the excluded side…take something very simple – a bunch of friends are going out for a meal – they don’t ask me – how do I feel…rejected…excluded…on the outside…not a nice feeling.

Sometimes I think of one of my favourite quotes from…~Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird …

I think there's just one kind of folks. Folks.
Chapter 23, spoken by the character Scout

I've just read a lovely poem on one of my friend's blog...and it's put a smile on my face on a grey...cold...rainy Monday morning! Thank you for that!

...must dash and do some work....mmmm....maybe just one more coffee...and then I definitely have to get back to some work....HA!