Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I visited Carrickfergus Castle at the weekend and it was beautiful...took a couple of photos which I thought I'd post. The weather made the castle look even more amazing. I love history ... always have and history at school was definitely a joy to me. There's just something about standing inside a building which has survived from 1177 which makes me feel safe and secure!!

Off the subject at little... but I read recently a lovely illustration of 'community'. It said 'the kind of community we envisage is best described as the windows of the building: they protect us from the elements, yet they also allow use to see other people and let in the light of their presence. We can see their needs and communicate with them; we can also open the door of the santuary, the door of our hears, and let them in. If our sanctuary has no windows, it will be a dark and gloomy place. So, like good builders, we need to balance out the need for windows and the need for strong walls. The strong walls of obedience need the windows of community to ensure that our santuary is bright and welcoming'