Thursday, February 01, 2007

...silence is golden!

...Looking forward to a partial silent retreat from tomorrow evening! I will be having some quiet time this weekend...but I am also helping to prepare some of the Saturday meals..and I have to get instructions whispered to me!! I like this arrangement as I get the best of both worlds. The weather (so says the radio) will be calm and quite mild for Feb...lovely.

Had another thought provoking on Tues evening when our band of friends met for a meal and some chat. We had all decided to have a look at the feeding of the 5,000 and there were some lovely insights of the various people around the room. My thoughts always seem to come as questions! The two main questions I asked myself in the past week were 1. What/who 'feeds' me? 2. How do I 'feed' others? I may bring those with me on the weekend ahead and ponder them further.

Work has been busy...but a good busy! Stressful..but a good stressful and having spent a wee bit of time looking into the eyes of the nursery children...I feel blessed! They may not have the ability to communicate but oh...those eyes speak volumes!


Monday, January 29, 2007

The beauty of creation....

Since getting my little (cheap) digital camera...I seem to be seeing beautiful spaces in my daily routine. I walk at lunch times around the local area where I work and I've been looking at trees...a pond with ducks...the sky...even local houses and shop fronts...with more interest than usual! I love this new way of looking at things - it's exciting! Unfortunately I can only post photos at a local library - the office computer won't let me ... for some unknown reason! I'll try to post a few sometime soon.

Hope all my friends in blogland are well...let me know!

Bye for now...MOJO