Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sorry seems to be the hardest word!

Have you ever said something to a friend or family member and as soon as the word or sentence left your regretted it? We've all done it. I did it a week ago and knew in my heart it was had hurt the other person and I knew what I had to do to make amends. I tried to forget about it...but like a fly in a room ... it buzzed around every other activity I did throughout the week. Saying 'sorry' can be the hardest word ...but here's a tremendous relief and calming influence not only on your side but on the side of the receiver. Saying 'sorry' creates a win-win situation. 'Sorry' left my lips and right away the pressure I'd been feeling left amazing that one small word can make a relationship whole again.

A couple more photos which I found taken in Carrickfergus Castle (which I love) and another taken from a car window of a gorgeous cloud (I love clouds too!)