Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stress..what stress?!!

Seriously stressed right now…which is very unlike me! I’m usually the person everyone else comes to when they’re stressed! Sleepless nights...aching head...aaahhhh

I really don’t know why I’m feeling at the end of my rope most of the time right now. I guess I’ve had a hectic kind of a summer (very enjoyable…but much too hectic!). I am trying to have some ‘me’ time…went swimming for the first time in a long time at the weekend…read a book…took a walk…but I really do need to be still and listen to the Lord whispering in my ear. I’ve been bursting into floods of tears at the slightest thing…even my boss said I should take some time off…but that’s just not me (or maybe it should be!!).

One of my blog friends - Tom – said ‘be happily creative’ – I’m loving that phrase already and will set aside some quality time to do just that! Any other ideas would be very welcome!

I pray that your little corner of the world is lovely!

Bye…until next time….MOJO

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