Thursday, September 14, 2006

A better day....

aaahhh..a much better day today...after all the feelings of last week. Lots of people have been giving me little looks of encouragement and hope that perhaps I am coping after all! I work in a charity and being the only secretary with a staff of 15 is extremely challenging (to say the least!). I cope most of the time – when I’m on top form – but sometimes…just sometimes…I have to draw aside and be kind to me, myself and I!!

I sometimes look around and see that everyone else seem to be just fine…but are they? Or are they acting well today? I am trying more and more to be me…good or not so good…trying not to wear that mask that hangs on the back of the office door. Very difficult…but needed.

On a brighter note…I am attending my book group tonight…yeah! I meet up with five other friends and we have read 7 books over the past 7 months (not too many…but enough in between so many other commitments. I love to discuss characters…storylines and descriptions...although in reality it may be just an excuse for a lovely coffee with dear friends!

Thanks to all my friends here at this little space for their concern and insights!


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Tom Atkins said...

Glad to hear things are leveling out for you. Hope the book night was fun (what are you reading?)and that you have a relaxing weekend on tap.