Tuesday, January 09, 2007

...frozen toes!

...my heating system at home hasn't been working for the past week so needless to say I've been a little chilly of late! I was lent an electric heater and sitting (like a granny!) with a woolen blanket round my knees whilst watching television! Thankfully the workman has now restored at least some of the radiators so I'm thawing out now.

Hope your New Year has started on a positive note. I'm feeling quite up at the moment. Lots of things happening both at work and socially. I'm really looking forward to starting some study on comtemplation with my Tuesday friends (10 friends who commit to meet each week for a lovely meal and a lovely time of sharing!).

I'm also thrilled to see a little bit of brightness return to the skys as I'm walking home from work these evenings. I'm really not a winter...dark nights...doors closed sort of person. Seeing Spring far off in the distance is like present waiting to be opened...the anticipation is there already!! I've also planted dozens of bulbs in my tiny garden and they've been poking their little heads out of their beds (flower beds that is!) and whispering 'I'm gonna get up soon!'...'can hardly wait!

Well...blessings for the remainder of the week folks! Bye for now.

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