Monday, November 06, 2006

A lovely rest!

I have had a lovely few days off and have been re-reading some of John O'Donohue's books (love that man!). I had the privilege of meeting him briefly earlier in the year at a event held in Belfast. He makes me look at things afresh...consider this (from Anam -

...'It is strange that two mountains
can be side by side for millions of years and yet can
never move close to each other. Whereas two strangers can come down
these mountains, meet in the valley and share the inner worlds they carry'...

Love it!

Must dash and catch up on some of my work stuff!


Tom Atkins said...

WOnderful thought about the mountains, and no more appropriate than in todays time, when strangers from around the globe can find and touch each other's heart.

Glad you had a good rest!


Craver VII said...

That does indeed sound nice, and I don't want to trivialize the significance of friendship, but the mountains were not there "millions" of years ago. All creation was void until just a few thousand years ago. And yet, the magnificent God who formed all of this and brings people together...He has been there since eternity past.

It is humbling to know that God could have been perfectly content to continue existing with perfect harmony between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, but in his sovereign grace, he chose some to be His, and celebrate Him forever.

Looking forward to heaven, when many "mountains" will be moved, and we will worship the King together with Africans, South Americans, Asians, believers from ancient times as well as our contemporaries and one particular Irish gal who goes by the appellation "Mojo."