Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I am working...really I am!!

I'm at another computer course (away from the office!) and really enjoying it. It's lunch time now so I'm not pretending to type just to look good!

Had a lovely evening last night - sitting around the table with lovely, lovely people! I think there's something very intimate about sharing a meal together...hearing all the biz...and later (in the soft seats...) laughing and sometimes crying and everything inbetween!

My tutor has just arrived must dash and finish the course!!! Bye for now


Tom Atkins said...

I don't ever feel like I REALLY know a person until I have share a meal or few with then - there's something intimate in breaking bread together.

When I was growing up, dinner often ran hours after the last morsel was finished, as we talked and talked our way through the evening. I still love to do that with people.


Eskimo Friend said...

It warms my heart every time I read your blog.

"Angeldust" said...

Hello Mojo
Thank you for your visit and words.
I just had the first opportunity to visit others after a "focussed" spell.

I could use a computer course,or two!

Nice to spend time with the right company...
Cheers to you