Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday again!

Had a super weekend filled with coffee!...all the things that combine to make a wonderful time! I was very emotional on Saturday evening when I heard some of my friends sing - we certainly don't get together enough to do creative things - but when we do - wow - amazing evening. I had a lovely chat with a newish friend (about a year or so) and it was so nice to connect on so many subjects. When we get around to making a coffee stop...they always arrive with a poetry book in hand for me to take away and have a read at!!

Last Friday was not a good day work-wise...I sort of 'lost it!' with a person in authority...and when I get annoyed (well angry really!)...I get emotional (which I hate...because it makes me look like a 'girly' who can't cope with stress)...but anyhow we had a reasonable productive talk and I said what I felt I needed to say...and then worried about it all weekend! But this morning things have calmed down somewhat and I feel much more settled...pray that it continues!

My life seems to go through lovely high meadows filled with buttercups and yucky low mucky ground filled with pot holes!!

Thanks to all the bloggers who leave me wee messages...these are much appreciated!!

Bye for now....

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Tom Atkins said...

Times like your weekend are one of God's gifts, and you seem to have an abundance of them these days. Or it just part of your life day in and day out?

Either way, it's good to see a life filled with good relationships and joy.

My thoughts and prayers are with you on the work issues.