Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hello from my computer course!

Hi...didn't think I'd be able to leave a message I'm out of the office for two days doing a computer course. I'm only here because I work for a charity and we're getting this training for happy days! The tutor has told us we can use the internet over here I am! They do lovely lunch meals here...I've just tucked into 4 cheese pasta and salad bar...mmmm...I never usually take a lunch at the office!

Last night some friends met for a lovely dinner (at the home of my best friends)...I love those evenings ...great chat...and a glass of wine...and hugs to say goodbye...ahhh. One of my friends is holding a showing of her artwork..some poetry and guitar playing this weekend - so looking forward to it! Only about 40 guests something to look forward to.

Hopefully get the rest of the training completed this afternoon and back for the second day tomorrow! Bye for now....


Tom Atkins said...

Enjoy your day - it's always fun to learn new things. You evening sounds like a delight! What a nice group of friends you seem to have!

Busy here with work and writing. Still can't get through to you via e-mail however. I seem to be lost in the spam filters or something. Ah well.

Off to earn my keep.


Craver VII said...

I've never heard of a shower for artwork. I hope they're not charcoal drawings.

And you don't usually eat lunch at work? I must. It is the only time I get to pester certain individuals from different departments.