Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A good place

I'm in a good place at the moment...a contented place...a place where I'm trying to give myself a space to look at the blue sky again...taking time to breath slowly...to see how green and yellow and red the leaves are. It's good to say in the moment...well it's good for me anyway! I'll be meeting up with some fab friends this evening...discussing life and what it holds for each of us...eating lovely food and lighting some comforting candles in the hearth...ahhh....I love those nights. I'm not too fond of dark nights...when when you close the curtains and look at candle-lit face - life is good!

Trying a healthy eating and exercise campaign right now...lots of water...lots of walking...swimming and generally looking after myself....feels good.

Now...I'm not saying there aren't still some dark corners...but these are few and far between...what about you?

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Tom Atkins said...

Life is full of dark corners, but light and faith and dear friends have the power to push them back and make room for joy.

I'm glad you are making the time to do so many things to nourish yourself. It's easy to let life and work swallow you and eat you alive, and it's the very things you are doing that keep your heart and soul strong and joyful. Congratulations on learning something and doing something many people never manage to discover or do!

Hoping all is well with you,