Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sorry seems to be the hardest word!

Have you ever said something to a friend or family member and as soon as the word or sentence left your regretted it? We've all done it. I did it a week ago and knew in my heart it was had hurt the other person and I knew what I had to do to make amends. I tried to forget about it...but like a fly in a room ... it buzzed around every other activity I did throughout the week. Saying 'sorry' can be the hardest word ...but here's a tremendous relief and calming influence not only on your side but on the side of the receiver. Saying 'sorry' creates a win-win situation. 'Sorry' left my lips and right away the pressure I'd been feeling left amazing that one small word can make a relationship whole again.

A couple more photos which I found taken in Carrickfergus Castle (which I love) and another taken from a car window of a gorgeous cloud (I love clouds too!)


ERJ said...

What an interesting entry, on many levels! First off, I'm from Carrickfergus (I now live in the US), and I've looked out of that window in the castle many times - such memories. Secondly, I find apologies a very interesting subject. Personally speaking, I believe them to placate only the wrongdoer, and that they are based more on the acceptance of the one hurt that the wrongdoer wants to feel better about THEMSELVES, not that the wrongdoer wants to necessarily make the one hurt feel better. It's quite manipulative in that respect, actually. But the use of apology is an intriguing subject, given how frequently we use the word "Sorry", often without thinking (count how many times you use the word every day, even when not necessary). Dr. John Gottman et al (University of Seattle) are currently investigating the role of the apology/forgiveness/acceptance therapy in relationships. Interesting work.

Thanks for the great entry!

Rainbow dreams said...

Beautiful photos..

Sorry is an important word, best said sooner rather than later I tend to think - not so long ago a family member apologised to me for her reaction to me 18months previously - I hadn't a clue what she was going on about - had no idea I had upset her in the first place!!! As a result of it obviously having been a big deal for her - I can't really see why it was, but it was.. she had ruminated on it for a long time and then upset me massively because I had been unaware of my error - I just wish she had said something at the time...
now I struggle not knowing where I am with her..
I do always try to make amends as soon as I realise I have said something wrongly or unintentionally, even more so now...

Am enjoying visiting your beautiful blog, Katie