Thursday, March 13, 2008

...longing for a little quiet!!

I haven’t posted in a while mainly because of being hugely busy at work and also because I sometimes think that the things I have on my mind are not hugely interesting to anyone else but me!

I’ve had an interesting time recently – with a lot of pondering and thinking about the people and things in my life which are really important to me. I yearn frequently for space to sit and reflect and try to carve out a nook in my week to do this. Sometimes it can be difficult in the course of a normal day. The bus first thing in the morning is filled with twelve year old voices shouting abuse at friends sitting right beside them!…the noise of the passing traffic as I walk the rest of the way is a nightmare! In the office I counted 18 people in and out within the first hour of the working day asking for everything from home made birthday cards…staples…a tray of coffee..someones new address…….…oh…for solitude! I guess that’s why I go for a walk around the quieter roads at lunchtimes…where I’ve found a hidden pond 5 mins away with lots of ducks… a couple of swans and water like a mirror reflecting what sun there is……I can sometimes hear my heartbeat (am I weird? do others feel like this?!!) The only thing at work which I never complain about is the sound of a child giggling…or when a little one who doesn’t usually make eye contact because of their learning disability glances sideways at me, smiles and says ‘Mo!’ – I will never complain about that!

I have promised myself that in the next little while I will – as the late John O’Donohue suggested we do – ‘attend to myself’ – with moments of quiet…times of reflection and hopefully a period over Easter when I will hear God’s whisper above the noise of life…

bye for now…MO

PS the photo was taken last week near the office!

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