Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Maybe winter isn't so bad after all!

...went awalking through the Belfast Market the other evening with the lights twinkling and the big wheel looking amazing in the moonlight...not a bad way to end a day!

I also saw the cutest thing on the bus to work this morning...three little sisters - probably around 7,5 and 3ish...all with short blond hair...all wearing the same brown coats, fur trimmed hoods up and they reminded me of those sets of little Russian dolls where one is smaller than the next!

Have a nice wintery day!


The Father said...

Hey Mo , Fantastic pics ...sitting here in the heat in Northern Thailand it makes me all nostalgic for Belfast. Yes even Belfast on a cold winter evening ...looking forward to the christmas market there when I get home .... wont be long now - keep blogging and keep the pics coming - loved the greenbelt ones as well ...mx

Mojo said...

Thanks for the comment Mark! Glad you're still thinking about home...you'll be wishing you were back in the heat next week!
Blessings my friend! mx