Wednesday, November 07, 2007

thanks for Saturday!

A good friend and I took a long walk around Mountstewart Gardens last weekend and it was a joy - leaves sky...birds singing...just beautiful. But in the midst of the day there was a certain sadness as he remembered a special person who had passed away... who had loved the lake..loved seeing the seasons change and in a way - seemed to be with us as we walked. Thank you for sharing this special time with me my friend. These photos are for you.


Anonymous said...

It is me who should thank you. The english language fails me when I try and express how thankful I am to you-j

Mojo said...

Thanks so much for that my friend... but we did have an amazing day. The movie was fab wasn't it? Hope your week was okay. I've had a terrible cough this week but was far too busy at work to stay know the feeling!

Have a restful weekend ... and unlike last weekend ... don't eat too much! Mo x