Wednesday, May 16, 2007

...I have a history!

...did I ever tell you I won a famly tree? Well actually...I won a family historical search from a local competition. This all happened nearly a year ago and I'd almost forgotten about it...until last week I received the results! I know know my great...great...great grandfather lived in Ballymena, Co Antrim and was born around 1805 - his name was Robert and my great, great grandfather was Thomas and he married Maria in May 1859 and my great grandfather was Alexander - born in 1877 - all farmers - I'm so excited! That's obviously were I get my work ethic from...I should really be in a field somewhere slogging away - but here I sit at my computer...slogging away!! HA! It does somehow give me a feeling of connectedness!

Hope all is well with you! Let me know...leave a wee comment!

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Mog said...

you and your competitions! Well done Mo. Mog's Blog has become a little more updated of late... I thought I'd check with you before adding you as a link! The mocat would be a welcome link...let me know. xo Pád.