Thursday, April 19, 2007's looking at you kid!

Do you ever think that you’re the only person that thinks like you? I sometimes find it a real comfort to find a person I just ‘click’ with. Someone who isn’t afraid to trust…to be brave in their vulnerability. Now…I’m not for one minute saying I’m like that all the time…but I try. I try to be as real with friends and family and work colleagues and new people…so that ‘what they see…is what they get’. What’s the point in being aloof…or shy and withdrawn…or excessively loud…or rude…when they’re just people like you. People who have joyful days…down days…busy days…just people trying to get along with other people who have joy, down and busy days too! I had written a little paragraph a while back on eyes…and how much they tell us about another person. Next time you’re chatting over coffee…or on the bus…or waiting in a doctor’s surgery…look and notice how their eyes mirror how they’re feeling. If you know a person really well…comment on it. It’s amazing when you say to someone …’your eyes are telling a story…feeling under pressure?…anything I can do to help?’.

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Tom Atkins said...

The best way to find those people who "click" is to do just what you are doing - be yourself. Sounds like you have a big, long weekend ahead - enjoy!