Tuesday, March 06, 2007

...try this!

...I love asking a young child 'what age do you think I am?' - I did this recently with a 7 year old from church...and he looked at me for a moment...tilted his head this way and that..smiled and said 'I think you're 24!' ... I love that child!!! Needless to say - even when I reverse the digits - I'm still older but it did make me smile.

My neice (11 years!) and I were attending an event at her school a few months back and I tried to get dressed a little more 'trendy' than usual. She arrived to take me and her eyes widened...she bite the inside of her lip and whispered 'Are you going to wear that?' I obviously saw something else when I looked in the mirror!!! Oh well...at least I have a nice personality!!

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