Tuesday, August 15, 2006

...is anyone there?

Sometimes when I sit here at work (break time!) typing my little blog...I just wonder if there's anyone out there? I love to check in with my favourite bloggers and see what they're up to...I wondere if anyone does this at my little site? If you do...let me know - it'll be fun to know where on earth you are! I wonder if anyone can tell me if there's a way to help others to find you (any time I've tried to search my own site...it's never found!?)...any ideas anyone out there!?

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Natalie said...

Hey- I've been to N. Ireland! It is so beautiful and I wish to go back someday. I was so blessed by the time I spent there. This is the first time I've visited your blog, but I'll be back to see how you are doing.
About your post on anxiety. Been there done that. Had pretty bad attacks that come back occasionally, but God is doing amazing things in my life.
Be blessed!