Tuesday, October 24, 2006


...I haven't been ablogging in a few days...just too too busy I'm afraid! If I have a computer at home - it would be much easier to leave a little note - but I try to do it in my lunch time at the office!

Anyhow...things are going well right now - looking forward to a couple of days off work next week....yeah! Also looking forward to my usual Tuesday evening with 8 or 9 friends around a table ...eating a lovely homemade meal...chatting about life in general...it makes me feel 'alive' to be there. I know that I'm extremely fortunate to be surrounded by such creative and compassionate humanoids! (...a term that writer/speaker John O'Donohue loves to use!)

The weather is cold, crisp and very autumny (obvious huh?!)...I never really liked this season...with it's dark evenings...but I am getting to appreciate it's beauty!

Well...folks bye for now

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