Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hi again!

Hello peoples!
I am trying my very best to keep my focus this week...things to get finished...things to start...focus is my word this week!! So I'm just going to start off another day with a very short blog. The weekend past was lovely (most of my weekends are!). I went to a local park on Sunday with my neice and we kicked leaves around for a while...collected horse chestnuts by the dozen (for what...I do not know!)...we played a round of mini golf...she went on the trampolines...it was good.

Go to my friends for dinner later...about 9 of us meet every week in life for a meal...a chat...and some quality time...some of us are single, some married, some separated, some with children, some without, some who have known each other for years and years and some newies, some who seem so close to the Lord, some who are further away, some who are questioning...but we love each other to bits! We put the world to rights every Tuesday night and things look much brighter on a Wednesday morning!!

So....must dash and make my living!
Bye for now chums....


Tom Atkins said...

A life so full of friends and family is rich indeed!

My week this week is full of work, travel and possibilities - but the people in my life will be far from me as I go, so your words warmed my soul.


Craver VII said...

"We put the world to rights..."

What does that phrase mean?

I love my small group meetings, too. They're topic driven, so we don't have much diversity between us, other than our ages, which range from college to retired.

It's great to be involved in social gatherings with people who are different. I think we can grow a lot as we practice community, being discipled by some and mentoring others.