Saturday, September 02, 2006

Back to reality!!

After last week's time away with lots of old friends and some lovely new's back to reality with a bump!! Although I'm excited about the coming months at will be extremely busy and I always get a kind of nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach...a little like the feeling I used to get going back to a new school term (that was a LONG time ago!!). I guess everyone is a little bit like that...huh?

I had some fab talks with people who are so different from is a joy for me to meet a stranger and a few days later feel like I'm leaving a new friend. I love that process! It amazes me how communicating with someone can be so powerful and fulfilling.

How are things with you? Please do tell! bye for now...Mojo


Tom Atkins said...

Conversation and connection are a wonderful thing, joyful and stranegly powerful too. How nice that you had a week of both this past week!

Tom Atkins said...

Just checking in to make sure work is not swallowing you alive. It sounds like a big push is ahead of you for the next little bit.

Take care of yourself. Find time to relax, and be happily creative, which sounds like it part of your nature.