Friday, August 04, 2006

Being real

Being real!
I want to be real...I want to get rid of the masks (well...most of them at least!) and I want to be authentic in my love and concern for others. But I am so focussed on the time - what's that all about!? I sometimes feel like I'm taking the bricks out of the wall I put up to most people and I feel good on days like that. Then something happens - out of the blue - and I begin putting the bricks back in again.

I know I ask questions in the blog that only I can answer - but why don't I want my friends and family to know the real me - am I scared they will reject me...judge me? Deep down I know I have a good why do I worry so?

All in all..I've had a good week - lots of things happening....coffees out with friends...reading great books...working hard of course! But in the back of this little mind of mine...there's always a concern. I need to open myself to my Lord and have this heart healed by Him and accept myself as a good person. What about you?


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Tom Atkins said...

We all need to feel accepted and safe and loved. That's why starting just as you say, with God, is such a good place to begin, because he's loved us no matter what. Once we realize we CAN be loved that way, it's easier to open ourselves up to others as well. After all, when God loves us, and someone else doesn't - guess who's right?